Affiliate Program info

The affiliate relations system is based on full trust and freedom of choice. It is up to you to decide if you would like to have additional income or if you are satisfied with the passive income offered by the investment plans of the company.

If you choose to earn more, the affiliate program offered by the company is the right way to improve your financial state and a great opportunity to make your communication skills and energy work for you.

Become a partner
Referral Commission - 10%

You do not need to fulfill any extra terms such as having a particular sum of active deposits or a particular number of referrals invited into the program by you personally. The main condition is your desire to work, improve your skills of working with new members, and to promote ideas and principles of our company to as many people as possible, both on the Internet and in real life. Just like in the first type of the Affiliate Program, you can achieve impressive results by actively using advertising materials and your referral link.

Our company helps its Regional Representatives and provides them with additional opportunities which are discussed with every Regional Representative individually.

We can also consider opening a representative office in your region and help with documentation, technical and legal issues.

All of this is manageable and realistic if you have the desire and if you are capable of actively inviting new active members into our investment program.